Some things just have to be right when it comes to a big-time basketball game. Inflate the ball appropriately, make sure the rims are level, and on and on.

Unfortunately, players involved in the women’s Elite 8 matchup between NC State and Texas are having to adjust to conditions a bit. According to those in attendance and watching on television, the 3-point line on one end of the court in Portland was off a bit.

Some viewers noted the line appeared to be off during the previous Sweet 16 matchups, and some tournament officials were spotted measuring off the line before the game between the Wolfpack and Longhorns.

Check it out:

Texas entered the showdown as a 6.5-point favorite per ESPN Bet, but the Wolfpack have controlled the action in the first half. Fans can track the latest odds for NC State via SDS’s new sports betting apps.

Reaction to the blunder

Needless to say, that is the kind of mistake you can’t have in college basketball. While baseball stadiums traditionally mix and match certain dimensions, basketball is the kind of sport where having equal dimensions is vitally important.

Here’s how fans and media alike reacted to the major miscue: