Another edition of “NBA Mean Tweets” on Jimmy Kimmel Live featured a couple of former SEC stars.

If one is new to “Mean Tweets,” it’s basically sports fans that come up with hilarious and brutal takes on a current or former player they despise.

Check out the segment below:

@AirJordankh said: “Darius Garland dresses like Sade. He better ball out.”

Sade is a music artist who is always dressed to a T.

@suckerfish890 said: “When we gonna start talking about the Anthony Edwards problem? He don’t run. He don’t defend. He don’t rebound. He can’t shoot.”

Well, Edwards wasn’t too pleased with the comment.

“We can start talking about it…whatever that means,” he grinned.

Obviously, “Mean Tweets” is one of the more popular segments on the show.