Colin Cowherd weighed in on a growing narrative bouncing around social media, that college football needs to duplicate the kind of entertainment that college basketball does with March Madness.

Cowherd then set the record straight.

“A 24-team playoff, basketball and football are completely different,” Cowherd said. “In college football, you have to stay in the sport minimum 3 years. Many schools, like Iowa, their players stay for 5 years. So schools that are not traditional powers, when they face schools that are the traditional powers, there is no age advantage. If there is, it’s slight. The powers in college basketball, unlike college football, their best players are one and doners. They’re 18, 19 years old. They’re just forming chemistry. Teams like Saint Peter’s, all their players stay in school until their eligibility is finished.”

Of course, there are several notable differences, from schedule to roster size and scholarships between basketball and football. But Cowherd primarily speaks to the age requirements to go pro.

“You just simply have an age advantage for the little guy in college basketball that you don’t have for the little guy in college football,” he said.