Dick Vitale is one of the biggest names in college basketball broadcasting. He’s been at ESPN for decades.

And, he was gearing up for the 2021-22 college hoops season, but now we’ll see how much he’s able to work.

Sadly, Vitale revealed in a personal essay released by ESPN that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma, only a few months after having melanoma removed:

I had announced in August that I underwent multiple surgeries to remove melanoma (which has been totally cleared), yet the doctors believe this lymphoma diagnosis is unrelated. What’s evident is that the treatment plan for this lymphoma is going to be a lot tougher, and in both cases, early detection played an important role in helping to manage the cancers.

Fortunately, the ESPN broadcaster revealed that he’s undergoing 6 months of chemotherapy and doctors tell him there’s a 90% cure rate.

Hopefully, we’ll see him on some broadcasts as the season goes on.