Dick Vitale doesn’t like the transfer portal and has no problem saying so.

The legendary college basketball broadcaster took to Twitter on Thursday to say that coaches have expressed to him in private they’re scared about the future of the sport with the transfer portal operating the way it currently does. “The NCAA had no idea when they approved this CHAOS!” Vitale tweeted.

He pointed to Creighton sophomore Ryan Nembhard reportedly entering the portal after 2 years with the Jays and 64 starts. He averaged 11 and 12 points in those 2 years, helping Creighton to an Elite Eight appearance this past season.

Vitale pointed to VCU star Ace Baldwin, the A-10 Player of the Year, who has entered the transfer portal after 3 seasons with the Rams. Baldwin and a number of his teammates hit the portal after their head coach left to take the job at Penn State.

Vitale also pointed to North Texas guard Tylor Perry, who entered the portal after being named the C-USA Player of the Year and the NIT’s Most Outstanding Player.

“No one can ever convince me this CHAOS is good for the college game,” Vitale wrote on Twitter. “The instability in the game is scary.”

(A note: Jaime Jaquez at UCLA is not in the portal, he declared for the NBA Draft Thursday after 4 years in school.)

The portal has become a new part of the daily life of a college head coach. Not only do coaches have to recruit the high school ranks and scour the landscape for players who can step in and immediately help their team without disrupting the chemistry of the locker room or the culture of the program, but they also have to constantly be recruiting their own players to keep them from growing estranged.

Stars like Hunter Dickinson and Caleb Love have entered the portal. Standout recruits looking for new lives like Kel’el Ware and Harrison Ingram have entered the portal. The folks at CBS Sports have a list of the top 30 available transfers in college hoops and that’s just a fraction of the total number of players who are actually in the portal.

Count Vitale among those who’d like the see the portal curtailed.