Dick Vitale has had plenty of interest in his health recently as the well-known ESPN broadcaster battled vocal cord surgeries to treat dysplasia and ulcerated lesions of the vocal cords.

Vitale has been active on social media with updates throughout the process, and often credits fans for supporting him through prayer and words of encouragement. On Friday, he shared an explanation from his doctor, Steve Zeitels, who gave positive news about the treatment.

“At this point, you’re almost entirely healed,” Zeitels said. “It looks fabulous, I see no disease there at this point. So you’re going to be good to go. We’re really focusing on this event coming up. So just like your event that you had to raise money for pediatric cancer (research), we focused on this and you should be ready to go next Wednesday for the ESPY Awards.”

Zeitels added that Vitale must still be careful, and keep up the vigilance to protect his vocal cords.

“There’s only so much use you can basically participate with,” Zeitels said. “But I see no disease. The disease looks resolved. Your healing looks nearly resolved, and as long as you’re thoughtful about it at this point, I will keep you going to 100.”