The 2023 NCAA Tournament is still a few months away. Monday was only opening night, after all.

But, it’s never too early to start looking ahead to March Madness, and that’s what ESPN’s Joe Lunardi did on Tuesday.

Lunardi released his updated 2023 NCAA Tournament bracketology, and he included a total of 7 SEC teams in the field of 68. As you can see below, he has Kentucky as a 1-seed. At the other end of the spectrum, he has LSU and Ole Miss just missing the field:

  • Kentucky — No. 1 seed (West)
  • Arkansas — No. 3 seed (Midwest)
  • Tennessee — No. 3 seed (South)
  • Auburn — No. 5 seed (South)
  • Alabama — No. 6 seed (West)
  • Texas A&M — No. 8 seed (Midwest)
  • Florida — No. 9 seed (East)
  • LSU — First Four Out
  • Ole Miss — Next Four Out

Obviously, these projections will change massively over the next few months. We’ll see which teams improve their spots and which falter as the pressure builds.