Jay Bilas has some advice for sports fans looking to score big with their March Madness tournament bracket picks.

The ESPN analyst and former Duke standout led the Blue Devils to the Final Four and Championship game in 1986. Having played at the professional level, as well as serving as an assistant coach, it’s safe to say Bilas knows a thing or two about the tournament.

Although it may be tempting for fans to have multiple brackets, Bilas says he’s sticks to one for himself.

“I only make one. We do it basically on the air at ESPN. If you do multiple brackets, people are going to hammer you. So, you just do one,” he told USA Today. Apparently the analyst feels comfortable putting all his eggs in one basket.

When giving advice to others, Bilas’ biggest takeaway comes when picking potential upsets.

“If you’re going to pick an upset over a high-seeded team that has a better chance to advance, the best thing to do is pick an upset where you think the higher-seeded team is going to lose in the next round anyway,” he said. “You don’t want to blow a Final Four team over an upset you think may happen.”