Mike Krzyzewski is facing an incredible storyline no matter how the Final Four game against North Carolina ends on Saturday night.

The legendary Duke coach will lead the Blue Devils in their first ever NCAA Tournament game against their hated rival the Har Heels. On ESPN Radio’s “Keyshawn, JWill and Max” college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg was asked if a loss would damage Coach K’s legacy.

“No, when you say Coach K, people are going to say the GOAT,” Greenberg said. “If you say Coach K you can talk about 5 national championships, 3 Olympic gold medals. Now, would it be disappoint? Sure it’d be disappointing. Alright you think about it, you get beat by your rival the last 2 times. No, I mean Coach K’s legacy will always remain the 5 national championships, the 3 gold medals, the agility that he showed in terms of changing with the times, the ability to connect and motivate.”

Jay Williams added during the segment that a potential loss would not tarnish the legacy, but a win could elevate it by a slight degree.

Added Greenberg, “It puts him in (Nick) Saban country, because Saban’s got 6 national championships.”

No matter how it unfolds, this will be a historic game to end Krzyzewski’s career, whether it ends Saturday or Monday night.