Seth Greenberg addressed the next chapter for Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, who is just beginning retirement following a loss to North Carolina on Saturday in the Final Four.

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At issue is what comes next for Coach K as he reaches unchartered territory in his life. Greenberg shared his thoughts on ESPN’s “Get Up.”

“This is going to stick with him for a while,” Greenberg said. “Part of the reason it’s going to stick with him for a while, Greeny, is because he doesn’t have that passion. He doesn’t have that thing to go to next. Think about this, Coach K for 40-plus years, alright, sees an ending, whether it was a championship or whether it was third round, fourth round, semifinal, whatever. And you know what, he woke up the next morning and said, you know what, what do I need to do?”

Recruiting, raising money, meeting with the team, all were options until now.

“Coach K’s going to wake up Wednesday morning and go, alright, ‘What’s my why?’,” Greenberg said. “He’s going to have all this time to look back, and he’s not going to think about the championships, the Olympic gold medals, the players whose lives he’s impacted. It’s going to go back to, honestly, that last game at Cameron, and the last game in the semifinal against North Carolina. This one is going to be hard to let go.”