Some new messaging came out Monday about whether the Big Ten actually had a vote last week to postpone football. But ESPN commentator Paul Finebaum said he saw right through the “mixed messaging” which came from Penn State athletics director Sandy Barbour, who said she’s not sure a vote happened.

In an appearance on “Get Up!,” Finebaum outlined how the vote went down, between the presidents of the Big Ten, and how Barbour was likely trying to win favor with her athletes and fans at Penn State.

“Nobody in America believes that,” Finebaum said. “It’s clear what she’s doing, she’s sending mixed messages to her constituency, which is her fans and her football team that I really don’t know what happened. Of course she knows what happened. It’s the single most important vote in the history of the Big Ten. And the athletics director at one of the most important schools in the country doesn’t know, that’s absurd, Greeny. No one should believe that, no one should even consider what she said.”

Finebaum went on to call for transparency from Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren to explain the vote and fallout.

“There will not be another vote because this is written in concrete, no matter what everyone says,” Finebaum said.

There certainly continues to be dialogue and organization among fans and parents who disagree as a petition continues to collect 10s of thousands of signatures, and there are reports that Iowa and Ohio State parents are set to be at the Big Ten offices this week.