Adam Schefter appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday to discuss Jim Harbaugh’s future at Michigan and whether the Wolverines head coach would entertain a return to the NFL sidelines in 2024.

McAfee recalled a conversation with Schefter where the ESPN NFL insider mentioned Harbaugh wanting to return the Wolverines to “past greatness”. With the Wolverines in their 3rd straight College Football Playoff, and now headed to their first CFP championship, McAfee wondered if Harbaugh’s thinking would be that his mission was accomplished in Ann Arbor.

“My perspective has been that Jim wanted to restore greatness to Michigan. He’s done that. He’s now one game away from winning a national title and fulfilling a goal, I’m sure, of his, of the school’s, and everyone involved in the program,” Schefter said.

Does that open the door to a return to the NFL, where Harbaugh led the San Francisco 49ers to a 44-19 regular season record, 3 straight NFC championship games, and a Super Bowl appearance?

“Let’s just look at it in basic facts,” Schefter said. “He hasn’t signed an extension with Michigan yet. He hired an agent, Don Yee, who has deep NFL connections. He’s got Michigan one game away from a national championship. Whether or not he wins it … if there’s a team out there that really wants him, that makes a really compelling offer, my sense is that he would be interested, absolutely, and listening and entertaining that offer … that’s my opinion.”