The College Football Playoff still isn’t expanding — at least not yet.

On Wednesday, the CFP management committee met to discuss the potential for expansion. The Playoff has used a 4-team format since it was implemented for the 2014 season, but there’s been a lot of buzz about the system including more teams in the future.

However, CFP executive director Bill Hancock issued a statement following Wednesday’s meeting indicating that there are still a “variety of issues” preventing the Playoff from growing larger. Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger shared Hancock’s full statement on Twitter:

Dellenger also reported that Hancock said that among the issues the CFP management committee need to work out are timing, the calendar, bowl involvement and the selection of teams.

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson, who is a member of the CFP management committee, shared that they “discussed several models but whittled down formats” and that an 8-team field is still a possible scenario, according to Dellenger.

So, what’s next? Dellenger reported that there’s no followup meeting currently scheduled, but Hancock said it will likely take place in January around the time of the College Football Playoff National Championship Game.