Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby had a lot to say recently about where college football is heading now that all this realignment is taking place this year within different conferences, including his.

Both Texas and Oklahoma announced that they were leaving for the SEC in a few years, which started a domino effect around the country.

With all these changes happening, Bowlsby offered his thoughts on where the sport is heading to DM Magazine recently.

“I think we’ll eventually have some congressional intervention on certain aspects of athletics…we might [need] a larger association, something like the College Football Association of years ago as a governing body,” Bowlsby said

Bowlsby also thinks that eventually, conferences won’t be needed.

“I could see a day when conferences are less critical, and we end up with a group of 48 schools that are all in an alliance together and playing each other all the time,” he said.

He ended his comments by saying that he believes the College Football Playoff will expand:

“I think it’s inevitable that the College Football Playoff will grow. I happen to think a 12-team playoff is a good thing and will be great for the regular season intrigue. I think that intrigue is good for TV.”

The Big 12 will have new members BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and Central Florida joining the league soon.