The way JaQuay Savage tells it, his former Louisville coach was very inclusive.

However, in this rare instance, that may not be a great thing.

The former Louisville receiver took to social media recently to offer up an incredible line on former Louisville coach Bobby Petrino in the wake of the national discussion on diversity and race relations in America.

According to Savage, he never saw anything racist from Coach Petrino.

“That’s one thing you could never say about my college coach Bobby Petrino. He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. That mf hated everybody,” Savage posted to Twitter.

Savage played at Louisville from 2014 through 2016 before finishing his career at Cincinnati after transferring following his graduation at Louisville.

Savage later followed up his initial comment with another one on his former college coach.

“On God, that man ain’t racist AT ALL. Lmao that’s 1 thing you can’t say about big dawg,” he added in reference to Petrino.

The former Louisville coach may not have much going on for him at the moment but at least he’s got these comments to support him as he begins his tenure as head coach at Missouri State.