Booger McFarland was not happy with the selection committee’s decision to leave Florida State out of the College Football Playoff.

McFarland spoke at length about the decision to put Alabama in over Florida State shortly after the top 4 was announced on ESPN.

‘To me, this is a travesty to the sport,” McFarland said. “Because we got out on the field and we play the game. And regardless of whether it looks good at the quarterback position, regardless of whether we win with offense, whether we win with defense, the name of the game is to win. And that’s the reason, never before has this not been done — winning a Power 5 conference, going undefeated, and not getting into the Playoff.”

Florida State was likely left out due to not impressing the committee over the past couple of weeks with Jordan Travis sidelined. However, McFarland discussed the hypocrisy of that decision following Alabama’s “miracle” win over Auburn last week.

“I understand we want to look at style points and who we’re gonna get for the best matchups,” he said. “But that’s not what this is about. This is about understanding to get the four best teams. One team has a loss and that’s Alabama. One team doesn’t in Florida State. And the fact that this committee could take a Power 5 conference champion that’s undefeated.

“Those kids have went out there and busted their behinds. And to not get into the Playoff based on the eye test. Because, mind you, this is the same Alabama team who needed a prayer in Jordan-Hare to beat an Auburn team that lost to New Mexico State. So that’s really what has me bothered right now.”

Florida State will now play in the Orange Bowl.