The college football landscape has already changed in 2021, and Conference USA hopes to shake it up even more.

On Tuesday, Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger reported that C-USA was planning to send a letter to the American Athletic Conference regarding a reorganization of the 2 leagues based on regionalization. The conferences would reform under new names utilizing schools that are currently members of both.

Conference USA met Monday to approve the decision to reach out to the AAC, per Dellenger.

According to Dellenger, here’s how the 2 new conferences would look:

Western Conference
Lousiana Tech
North Texas
Southern Miss
Wichita State

Eastern Conference
East Carolina
Florida Atlantic
Florida International
Middle Tennessee
Old Dominion
South Florida
Western Kentucky
Potentially 2 new schools

There had been an earlier rumored plan for a new regionalization model that also included the Sun Belt, another Group of 5 conference. However, that is seen as a “longshot,” according to Dellenger, because of “the long-standing Group of 5 pecking order based on media rights dollars.”

Even this new plan featuring only C-USA and the AAC may not materialize, as Dellenger reported that AAC commissioner Mike Aresco has spoken out against ideas such as this. In fact, the AAC is already seeking replacement schools for the 3 that it lost to the Big 12 (UCF, Cincinnati and Houston), with UAB being a top target it has held discussions with, according to Dellenger.