Caleb Williams has a message for the Utah Utes painted on his fingernails.

Just last week, Williams made headlines for painting “F— ND” on his nails before USC playd against the Irish. Nail painting is nothing new for Williams, the star Trojans quarterback who recently became a part-owner of Faculty, a grooming brand that specializes in nail art.

With the Pac-12 Championship kicking off on Friday night, Williams is once again utilizing nail art. Williams was spotted pre-game with “F— Utah” on his nails for the Championship match.

Williams is the son of a nail technician, which inspired him to initially start painting his nails. During the 2021 season, as a member of the Oklahoma Sooners, Williams famously painted “Horns Down” on his nails.

The Trojans will play the Utes for the PAC-12 Championship on Friday at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.