The College Football Playoff announced Friday that expansion will not happen until at least 2026, disappointing many fans. Mississippi State President Mark Keenum is the CFP board chair. In conversations with Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger, Keenum detailed why expansion is being put off.

Keenum called automatic qualification for Power 5 champions the “biggest obstacle.” The Big Ten specifically wants an automatic bid for its champion.

Automatic qualification wasn’t the only issue. Keenum shared that conferences are divided when it comes to 8 or 12 teams and some disagreements over the number of extra games added to the CFB season. The Rose Bowl’s calendar commitment also presents an issue if it is to be part of an expanded CFP. Keenum said it came down to an 8-3 vote with the ACC/Big Ten/Pac-12 “Alliance” all voting against expansion.

Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic pointed out that while the CFP’s announcement was Friday, the 8-3 vote was in January.