Cincinnati fans are mad. Cincinnati fans also appear to be hilariously creative.

As is tradition when ESPN’s College GameDay set comes to town, the fanbase gets out the poster boards and sharpies and tries to get on TV with a message. Sometimes it’s a college kid asking Mom for money. Sometimes it’s a joke about one of ESPN’s GameDay personalities (this Lee Corso one is top-notch). And sometimes there’s a handshake agreement amongst the whole crowd to eviscerate the College Football Playoff committee.

Assuming that’s what happened Saturday with ESPN setting up shop in front of Nippert Stadium for the first time ever. The Bearcats (8-0, 4-0 AAC) were ranked No. 6 in the initial CFP rankings behind 3 different 1-loss teams from the Power 5 level.

Bearcat fans are in their feels about that.

Here are some of the best signs: