College football fans watched on Saturday as Texas went to Texas Tech and lost to the Red Raiders in overtime. That same night, they watched as Kansas State upset No. 6 Oklahoma in Norman.

Apparently, though, the Big 12 league office wasn’t watching those games or simply didn’t care about the results.

Because, as the night ended, the league revealed its Week 5 TV schedule. And, as you can see below, Texas Tech’s visit to Kansas State will kick off at 11 a.m. Central time and will only be able to be seen on ESPN+:

Understandably, many fans are wondering why the league waited so long to put out its Week 5 TV schedule if the results for Week 4 didn’t have any impact on what time slots certain teams got to play in.

Here was some of the reaction on social media:

Will this social media backlash change anything? It might be too late for the Week 5 schedule at this point.