The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many families hard, with job losses mounting and opportunities to earn money severely limited.

One college football player, USC WR Munir McClain, reportedly filed for unemployment benefits, which earned him a visit from federal agents, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The report details what happened with McClain when he filed for unemployment after his small business reselling sneakers slowed down:

So he filed for PUA, which in California promised a minimum benefit of $767 per week. Months later, the state accepted his claim, and McClain pocketed the money, with plans to invest it in a new apparel brand he started with his siblings, BeenFree.

But by mid-September, with a postponed football season fast approaching, USC had suspended McClain.

On Sept. 16, Michael Blanton, USC’s vice president of ethics and professionalism, called McClain to ask what he knew about unemployment benefits from the Employment Development Department, according to his mother Shan.

Two days later, the sophomore was suspended. When Shan called Blanton in search of an explanation, Blanton told her that a complaint had been filed about USC students being approached with a plan to apply for EDD benefits.

USC has suspended McClain, but is unable to comment on his situation at the time:

“We understand there may be many questions and concerns,” the university’s statement read, “but we are unable to discuss this matter because of our obligation to protect students’ privacy.”

What happens next in this strange story remains to be seen.