In Week 11, here’s how the Associated Press Top 25 fared: 18 teams won, six teams lost and one team had a late bye week (Washington).

While the favorites mostly took care of business (look for AP voters to keep the top 11 the same), there were some scared upsets. Kentucky went into Tennessee ranked No. 12, but leaves with a surprise loss. Voters went easy on the Wildcats after they fell to Georgia. That won’t be the case after losing to the unranked, rebuilding Volunteers.

Losses by Mississippi State, NC State and Michigan State are almost certain to open up some new spots in the poll (No. 16 Fresno State taking a second loss could also create a new spot). Mississippi State was No. 18 and teams don’t always get punished for losing to Alabama, but this is the fourth loss for the Bulldogs, simply too many to be ranked.

Utah led the “others receiving votes” category. With a Week 11 win over Oregon, look for the Utes to get ranked. Other unranked teams that received votes to watch for in Week 12 would be Army and UAB.

  1. Alabama (10-0) def. No. 18 Mississippi State
  2. Clemson (10-0) def. No. 17 Boston College
  3. Notre Dame (10-0) def. FSU
  4. Michigan (9-1) def. Rutgers
  5. Georgia (9-1) def. Auburn
  6. Oklahoma (9-1) def. Oklahoma State
  7. West Virginia (8-1) def. TCU
  8. Ohio State (9-1) def. Michigan State
  9. LSU (8-2) def. Arkansas
  10. Washington State (9-1) def. Colorado
  11. UCF (9-0) def. Navy
  12. Syracuse (8-2) def. Louisville
  13. Utah State (9-1) def. San Jose State
  14. Texas (7-3) def. Texas Tech
  15. Florida (7-3) def. South Carolina
  16. Washington (7-3) OFF
  17. Penn State (7-3) def. Wisconsin
  18. Iowa State (6-3) def. Baylor
  19. Cincinnati (9-1) def. USF
  20. Utah (7-3) def. Oregon
  21. Kentucky (7-3) lost to Tennessee
  22. Boise State (8-2) def. No. 16 Fresno State
  23. Boston College (7-2) lost to No. 2 Clemson
  24. UAB (9-1) def. Southern Miss
  25. Army (8-2) def. Lafayette

Predicted to fall out of AP Top 25: No. 16 Fresno State (8-2) lost to Boise State; No. 18 Mississippi State (6-4) lost to No. 1 Alabama; No. 22 NC State (6-3) lost to Wake Forest; No. 24 Michigan State (6-4) lost to Ohio State