If you’re a fan of LSU or Team Chaos, Week 7 was for you.

No. 1 Alabama won (39-10 over Missouri) and will stay in the top spot. The Crimson Tide might be the only team to sport the same ranking in Week 8. (We think voters will actually keep No. 10 UCF and No. 11 Oklahoma in those same spots, but this week is really a crapshoot.)

No. 13 LSU defeated No. 2 Georgia 36-16. As a result, we’re about to get a new top five in the Associated Press Top 25. Ohio State, Clemson and Notre Dame will likely all move up one spot into the Nos. 2-4 rankings. Clemson was off and Notre Dame only squeaked by Pittsburgh 19-14, but they will move up as the only undefeated College Football Playoff contenders (unless you count UCF, also undefeated).

For LSU, it will likely be like the Florida loss never happened. The Tigers have now knocked off three top 10 teams (then-No. 8 Miami in Week 1, then-No. 7 Auburn in Week 3 and No. 2 Georgia Saturday). While Miami and Auburn were likely overrated, that’s not the fault of LSU. Simply beating No. 2 UGA gives LSU the most impressive college football win of the season. It has to count for something.

The No. 5 spot is up for debate since Nos. 6-8 (West Virginia, Washington and Penn State) all lost on Saturday. Texas and Michigan will move up, but should slot in behind LSU and likely ahead of Georgia’s landing spot.

The bottom half of the poll is a mess. Washington, Penn State, Wisconsin and Colorado – four of the eight ranked teams to lose Saturday – all likely fit in there, but voters have a lot to figure out. Bad losses by No. 16 Miami (to unranked Virginia) and No. 21 Auburn (to unranked Tennessee) also open the door for two more teams. Voters will likely turn to name-brand teams Michigan State and USC, Power 5 teams with wins over ranked opponents in Week 7.

  1. Alabama (7-0) def. Missouri
  2. Ohio State (7-0) def. Minnesota
  3. Clemson (6-0) OFF
  4. Notre Dame (7-0) def. Pittsburgh
  5. LSU (6-1) def. No. 2 Georgia
  6. Texas (6-1) def. Baylor
  7. Michigan (6-1) def. No. 15 Wisconsin
  8. Georgia (6-1) lost to No. 13 LSU
  9. Florida (6-1) def. Vanderbilt
  10. UCF (6-0) def. Memphis
  11. Oklahoma (5-1) OFF
  12. Oregon (5-1) def. No. 7 Washington
  13. West Virginia (5-1) lost to Iowa State
  14. Kentucky (5-1) OFF
  15. NC State (5-0) OFF
  16. Washington (5-2) lost to Oregon
  17. Penn State (4-2) lost to Michigan State
  18. Texas A&M (5-2) def. South Carolina
  19. Michigan State (4-2) def. No. 8 Penn State
  20. Mississippi State (4-2) OFF
  21. Cincinnati (6-0) OFF
  22. USC (4-2) def. No. 19 Colorado
  23. USF (6-0) def. Tulsa
  24. Wisconsin (4-2) lost to No. 12 Michigan
  25. Colorado (5-1) lost to USC

Predicted to fall out of the AP Top 25: No. 16 Miami lost to Virginia; No. 21 Auburn lost to Tennessee