Will 2019’s “Game of the Century” take a back seat to … Penn State-Minnesota?

Minnesota defeated Maryland Saturday 52-10, and it remains undefeated on the year. Meanwhile, Penn State is 8-0 with its 28-7 win over Michigan State. Minnesota just happens to host Penn State on November 9, the same day as LSU-Alabama.

Following the Golden Gophers’ win over the Terrapins, Minnesota head coach PJ Fleck made a passionate plea to host College GameDay over LSU-Alabama.

“All due respect to Alabama and LSU – I have no idea what’s going on with them right now – but I can tell you this: you can go to them any year,” said Fleck. “Pick a year! Pick a game! You can go to them every game of the season if you would like. College GameDay’s about unique stories, about unique places, about unique moments. That’s what they say they’re about…Believe me. Trust me! You come to the Twin City area, you come to the University of Minnesota for an undefeated Penn State team, for an undefeated Minnesota Golden Gopher team…that’s why I think they should come here.”

Alabama and LSU have an upcoming bye week before its massive clash. No chance College GameDay will pick Penn State-Minnesota over LSU-Alabama, right? We’ll know in about a week.

You can watch his passionate plea below: