Conference realignment was one of the hottest topics of the college football offseason. The realignment rumor mill may continue to spin, with one Big 12 coach saying the conference plans to expand futher.

Baylor coach Dave Aranda turned some heads with recent comments made during a speaking engagement at the Waco RotaryRyan McDonald of Desert News grabbed 3 quotes of interest.

The Baylor head coach said the Big 12 is currently having conversations about more expansion:

“I know that there’s still opportunity in our league (for expansion) and potential suitors,” Aranda said. “I think that’s pretty real and that’s kind of happening right now. There’s talks that are happening right now.”

That quote comes as no surprise. Throughout the offseason, there have been reports about the Big 12, Pac-12 and ACC’s potential moves after the Big Ten’s latest round of expansion. Aranda, though, made a notable slip-up when talking about teams that the Big 12 is adding:

“I love the league,” Aranda said. “Cincinnati coming in, and Utah coming in, UCF and Houston. I just think that there’s teams that fit the Big 12 mold, the culture, and I think the brands are going to be way stronger.”

Aranda did not appear to be sharing breaking news about Utah moving to the Big 12, but instead meant to say BYU. He went on to talk about the Cougars:

“I look at what BYU can become in this league. I think the onus is on us to kind of hold steady because they’re going to get better and better. I think the same with Cincinnati, and so I really like the league that we’re going to become, but I think there is an opportunity for more growth.”

If Aranda mistakenly said Utah instead of BYU when talking about the additions, and the Utes aren’t actually switching conferences, he may have just created a rivalry between the Cougars and the Bears. No one likes being mistaken for its in-state rival.