Don’t call them the “Group of 5” anymore.

That’s what Conference USA commissioner Judy MacLeod is suggesting at the CFP Commissioners meeting today.

You’ll probably remember when Mike Aresco, the Commissioner of the American Athletic Conference, tried to coin the term “Power 6”. This worked with some levels of success given his conference has generally been the one to fill the open “Group of 5” spot in the New Year’s Six bowl games.

Cincinnati, an AAC school for at least one more season, was the first of the Group of 5 conference schools to make the College Football Playoff final four.

The “Group of 5” consists of the American Athletic Conference, Conference USA, The Mid-American Conference, The Mountain West Conference and the Sun Belt Conference.

With the college football playoff scheduled to expand eventually, it’s likely all of these conferences want to stand on their own in hopes that there can be some sort of agreement on what conference champions need to do get into expanded playoff.

Grouping the conferences together wouldn’t give the Power 5 any reason to expand their playoff opportunities past the one spot they already get.

Until then what should we call the Group of 5, especially since ‘Super Friends’ has already been taken?