It wasn’t that long ago the Seminoles led a revolt against Mike Norvell and shut down offseason training after their first-year coach was caught lying when discussing his open dialogue and communication with his Florida State players.

Now there’s a new issue down in Tallahassee that needs to be addressed.

If you were unaware, Florida State is already practicing for the upcoming season as fall camp has started down in Tallahassee. Good news, right?

Well, only if FSU is running the practices as safely as possible for all of those involved. According to one player, that’s not being done in Tallahassee.

Redshirt sophomore receiver Warren Thompson issued the following statement on Thursday morning, noting that “proper leadership regarding these problems does not exist,” at FSU.

These are some troubling allegations and while Norvell’s name is not specifically brought to attention here by Thompson, the Florida State receiver mentions a failure of leadership multiple times in his statement.

You can read Thompson’s full statement below: