Should college athletes suit up this fall during the middle of a pandemic?

That option should and must be made by each individual without any negative repercussions on the other side of their decision. That being said, it’s very interesting that Florida State offensive lineman Andrew Boselli has joined the #WeWantToPlay movement that began over the weekend.

If you missed it, Boselli was one of the first college football players to come out and share his experience after contracting COVID during the spring. According to the redshirt senior offensive lineman, who suffered and battled through the difficult side effects of the virus for two weeks, the side effects were incredibly difficult to manage.

“A day after my test ā€“ an unpleasant process in and of itself ā€“ I woke up feeling like Iā€™d been hit by a bus,” Boselli wrote in the spring.

Even after all that, Boselli is ready to suit back up this fall with his FSU teammates.

The point here isn’t that the virus isn’t serious, in fact, Boselli’s experience proves the opposite of that.

However, taking away the games these athletes train year-round to compete in is a fate worse than canceling the season to a player that’s actually been on the receiving end of how difficult the virus can be for a student-athlete.

Just ask Boselli.