Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has long felt that the SEC is treated differently, especially with respect to his team. He doubled down on that opinion in the post-game Saturday after the Tigers routed South Carolina.

“It’s huge from a national standpoint, because if we lose this game, they’re going to kick us out,” Swinney said of the College Football Playoff. “They don’t want us in there anyway.”

Of course, Swinney was well aware that the same South Carolina team beat Georgia in Athens. However, Georgia dropped to No. 10 in the rankings following the loss. Clemson began its drop in the polls from No. 1 after a one-point victory over North Carolina, which beat South Carolina in the season opener.

“We’d drop to 20,” Swinney said. “If Georgia loses to this very same team, the very next day, it’s how do we keep Georgia in it. We win to the team that beat South Carolina and it’s how do we get Clemson out. It’s the dadgumest thing. It’s big, because they can’t vote us out.”

Swinney loves to play the victim card, and often refers to Clemson not getting enough credit as more established programs.

“We got to go 30-0, we ain’t got no choice,” Swinney said. “We don’t play nobody. “It’s big from a national standpoint, but it’s huge for this state. It’s huge for our program and yeah, we lost 5 in a row, and a big part of that, we were 15 turnovers to their 3 in that five-game stretch … you get your butt beat. We’ve turned that around.”

The Tigers next play Virginia in the ACC Championship, and appear to have another chance to advance in the CFP as they look to defend their national championship.