Deion Sanders announced Thanksgiving Day that Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp will join the Colorado Buffaloes coaching staff in 2024, next season.

Sapp has been around Colorado in an unofficial capacity this season, and no announcement has been made by the school to what his official capacity will be in Boulder. However, it’s not hard to imagine what a plus Sapp will be with recruits, especially on the defensive side of the recruiting trail.

Here’s what Sanders had to say regarding Sapp’s addition.

“I’m excited about Coach Sapp,” Sanders said. “He’s a dear friend that I love to life, and he’s going to be invaluable to what he brings to the table … as far as the recruits as well, they’re going to love him.”

The Buffaloes are struggling this season after gaining some traction early in the year with a win over TCU. Sanders’ Colorado squad sits at 4-7 on the year with one final regular season matchup against Utah on the docket.