Deion Sanders has plenty of life experiences to share with recruits he tries to lure to Jackson State. On Thursday, he shared with Dan Patrick how he approaches recruiting.

“I don’t have to sell you, I ain’t selling nothing,” Sanders said. “That’s the thing about it, I don’t sell anything, I don’t have anything to sell. I’m going to pretty much allow you to understand that I’ve sat on 3 sides of the table. I’m in the living room like you, I’m the parent, and I’ve been the kid. Now I’m the coach. That’s a heckuva advantage because I know the thought processes of everyone provided in this room.”

Sanders explained that the close comes down to who is the influencer in the recruit’s family. Sanders said he focuses on the heart, and that he’s brutally honest. While some are concerned with name, image and likeness, or NIL, he’s focused on the NFL. He also said he promises a comfortable place to lay a recruit’s head, 3 meals a day, and the rest is on them.

“I’m going to promise you that if you send me a boy, I’m going to send you back a man,” Sanders said.