In case you weren’t already aware, Desmond Howard is not a fan of Notre Dame.

The resentment harbored by the former Michigan standout toward the Fighting Irish likely stems all the way back to his playing days with the Wolverines and now that the Big Ten has shifted toward a conference-only schedule, Howard took the opportunity presented to him to fire a shot at Notre Dame.

During a recent appearance on ESPN morning show “Get Up,” Howard offered his take on Notre Dame potentially being left out if every Power 5 league shifts to a conference-only slate of games in 2020.

“I tell you what, I might not be the best guy to ask this question to because I’ve always felt that Notre Dame was always given this special pass, and you know they just enjoyed this independence, and that they never had to join a conference,” Howard said on the show. “So now, if this ends up being a situation that we do have a season, and under the guidelines that people are talking now where it’s just people to play within their conference, and they’re left out in the cold because of decisions that they made not to ever join the conference, when they had the opportunity to join the ACC.

“Then I think that’s their problem and it just is coming back to bite them in the butt. So I don’t have a problem with a team/school that thought they are beyond joining the conference. And now, because teams are playing within their conference, that they get left out in the cold.”

The next time ESPN College GameDay makes its way to Notre Dame, the show might be worth watching just to see how the Notre Dame crowd treats Howard following these comments.