University of Oklahoma president Joe Harroz might want a redo of comments he made on Monday following Lincoln Riley’s hiring at USC.

During a press conference, Harroz stated that he and athletic director Joe Castiglione had discussed a contract extension for the now-former Sooners head coach. That obviously didn’t happen as Riley departed Norman for Los Angeles in a move that caught both men off guard.

“(W)e would have like more notice,” Harroz added.

That, of course, called to mind Oklahoma’s announcement during the summer that it was leaving the Big 12 with Texas to join the SEC in 2025 and had been in secret talks to do so for over a year. The official announcement came just days after initial reports of the move were broken by the Houston Chronicle, ultimately leading Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby to deem it a “personal betrayal” on the part of the 2 universities.

Naturally, everyone on social media had the same reaction to Harroz’s quote: