Ohio State’s 29-23 loss to Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl is one that will be difficult for Buckeye fans to deal with all offseason.

A big loss is never easy to swallow but considering Ohio State lost by six points after a touchdown was taken off the board in the game is going to make this one all the more unbearable for Buckeye fans.

If you missed it, Ohio State scored a touchdown on the play below as the Clemson receiver caught the ball then quickly fumbled it and it was picked up by the Buckeyes and returned for a score. The play was reviewed and overturned, taking a touchdown off the board.

Sunday Night Football officiating analyst Terry McAulay shared his thoughts after seeing the play. McAulay’s thoughts on the call are only going to make Ohio State fans angrier at the call on the field.

After seeing what McAulay had to say, Ohio State AD Gene Smith shared the following response with Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports:

“Terry McAulay is 100-percent correct!!! Unreal!! Feel free to share how pissed I am.”

It’s a tough day to be a Buckeye.