The advent of NIL last summer was a milestone for the student-athlete. After seeing colleges make money off of them for more than a century, the players have the opportunity to earn their own money.

While the advent is great, it isn’t perfect. Talking about it on Twitter, FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt made it a point to mention just that. He offered his own clarification about how the issue should play out:

“When you hear, ‘There are no rules’ that is not entirely accurate,’ he wrote. “The lack of enforcement has more to do with the fact that several states have legislation that is worded differently and varies from state to state.”

There is truth to what Klatt is saying here. The oversight on NIL has been little to none across college football, partly to do with the fact that it varies across the nation. The definition of a booster is something that will need to get addressed right away, as the lack of oversight has made it easy for them to get involved.

Currently, there is a bill being crafted to offer the oversight that Klatt believes is necessary. This will be worth monitoring over the next few months, as it will be coming in some way, shape, or form.