June Jones will not be the next head coach of the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors as things stand right now.

It was reported Friday that Hawaii was closing in Jones to become the team’s next head coach. The university did offer the job to Jones, but he turned it down. He explained why late Friday night.

“Yeah, I still like the job, but I wasn’t really offered a job that was conducive to winning,” Jones told reporters. “How are you going to recruit when you have a 2-year contract? I told Dave, ‘I’ll take a 5-year contract, and you can fire me anytime with no penalty.’ But I said, ‘How are you going to recruit kids when they want to know who’s going to be the head coach in the next 4 or 5 years?’

“I’ve never taken a job that’s been dictated who I can hire and who I can’t hire, and I don’t think any coach in their right mind would accept a job like that. So, yeah, they offered, but it’s unacceptable what they offered.”

Jones went on to say that he still wants the job, but it’s not up to him right now. It’s up to the university to bring him an acceptable offer.

ESPN’s Pete Thamel reported that the school wanted former quarterback standout Timmy Chang to be the eventual head coach after Jones.

“Sources told ESPN that the school wanted Timmy Chang as the eventual successor,” Thamel tweeted. “Jones has no issues with Chang, the former star quarterback. But Steinberg told ESPN that Jones wants full control over the staff. Jones still wants on the job but only with control over staff hiring.”

It seems for the moment that the discussions with Jones have stalled.

Jones played quarterback at Hawaii from 1973-74. He also played at Oregon and Portland State. He also started his coaching career at Hawaii and eventually became the head coach from 1999-2007. He finished with a 76-41 overall record as the Rainbow Warriors head coach.

You can view Jones’ comments below: