Lee Corso returns to College GameDay at 87 years old. He’s been a staple on the show with analysts Kirk Herbstreit, Rece Davis and Desmond Howard, among others, for many years.

Corso started with ESPN in 1987. Herbstreit and Corso have been a duo on the show for 27 years, and their bond is made very obvious by the way they treat one another on and off set.

The popular analyst brought the famous headgear pick to College GameDay, and he’s an absolute legend because of it. That started in 1996 in the Ohio State vs. Penn State show when he donned Brutus the Buckeye’s head. Throughout his analyst career, Corso is beloved by many fans and his fellow analysts.

In 2009, Corso suffered a stroke, and it certainly changed him — it changes everyone.

“The one thing I was really good at was being spontaneous. I was quick-witted,” Corso told the Gainesville Sun last year. “I lost that with my stroke.”

After 35 years on the pregame show, reactions are pouring in Saturday morning on Corso during College GameDay’s first appearance of the season.