The Oklahoma Sooners landed Alabama graduate transfer QB Jalen Hurts this offseason, and now they’re working him into coach Lincoln Riley’s system.

Hurts has yet to be named the team’s starter, but it is probably safe to say he’s the leader in the ongoing battle through fall camp so far.

On Monday, Riley told ESPN that he’s seen a lot of great things from Hurts, but added that he’d like to see Hurts play a little more free:

“The experience, intangibles, maturity and poise are really, really good,” Riley told ESPN on Monday. “You know what you’re getting from Jalen with those things. The goal with us has been how quickly can we get him comfortable with this system, and he’s getting closer every day.”

Riley said he made a conscious decision to not go back and watch much of Hurts’ tape from his first two seasons at Alabama, but watched every snap from a year ago.

“I saw a guy, I thought, who needed to be freed up a little bit, in my opinion,” Riley said. “Our goal with him has been freeing him up and letting him play a little more open and free. I saw the makings of that last year and thought he did a lot of really good things. At times, they moved it just as well or even better when he was in there, and obviously Tua was absolutely phenomenal last year. But I thought Jalen was really, really good, too, and I think he’s better right now than he was last year.”

It’s likely Hurts is the Week 1 starter for the Sooners, but he has a long way to go to keep pace with the last two Oklahoma quarterbacks — Heisman winners Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray.