The college football season may not start on time, though it’s still a bit early to determine that for sure.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage across the globe, though, some are more eager than others to get sports going again.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy suggested May 1 as a potential start date for the Cowboys. He added that college players are healthier than average people, so they should be able to fight off the coronavirus (via

Gundy said there could be people who work in the football building who are older or “maybe have some type of underlying condition.”

“Maybe they don’t come back,” he said, “but the majority of people in this building who are healthy … and certainly the 18-, 19-, 20-, 21-, 22-year-olds that are healthy, the so-called medical people saying the herd of healthy people that have the antibodies may be built up and can fight this? We all need to go back to work.

“I’m not taking away from the danger of people getting sick,” he said. “You have the virus, stay healthy, try to do what we can to help people that are sick. And we’re losing lives, which is just terrible. The second part of it is that we still have to schedule and continue to move forward as life goes on and help those people.”

Gundy also said players who get sick would be quarantined, just like the team usually does for players with the regular flu:

Gundy, who has been working remotely from his home and spending time on his farm, said that if somebody were to test positive after returning to work, that person would be quarantined “just like we do people that get the flu.”

It doesn’t seem likely that Gundy’s plan will be feasible at this point, but if we do get a test that produces quicker results, it is possible.