Washington State head coach Mike Leach is well-known for his press conference rants. Whether it’s aliens, or Thanksgiving food, his whimsical ramblings can entertain anyone.

However we saw a different side of it on Friday, after a seventh consecutive Apple Cup loss to Washington. Leach went on a scathing rant, following a question from Jon Blanchette in the postgame press conference.

The question came when Leach attributed the loss to having lower recruiting rankings compared to Washington, in the eyes of the media. Blanchette followed up, asking if that means Leach is not supposed to beat teams with higher recruiting rankings.

“We certainly have before” said Leach, “we didn’t win this one, and I don’t care to have a big discussion with you on it because I don’t really care what you think.

“You run your mouth on your little column and stuff, like some sanctimonious troll, where you’ve never been fair or even-handed with us so I really don’t care what you think” continued Leach.

“You can live your little meager life in your little hole, and write nasty things and if that makes you feel even you go right ahead.”

Leach upset Washington during his first season in 2012, but has lost every matchup since. The Cougars finished the regular season at 6-6.

Check out the entire rant here: