Mike Norvell has finally broken his silence.

If you missed the viral comments from Florida State team captain Marvin Wilson on Wednesday, the Seminole leader took serious issue with a statement given by his coach to a reporter suggesting the first-year FSU coach had reached out and talked to his players individually.

After Wilson’s comments went viral, FSU held a team meeting on Thursday morning.

Following that meeting, Wilson issued a video statement in which he didn’t back down from his original comments but did note the Seminoles plan to move forward as one.

Now, the Florida State coach has issued his own statement on Thursday afternoon:

“I’m proud of Marvin for utilizing his platform to express his reaction to my comments in an earlier interview. Last Saturday evening, I sent a text to each player individually to present an opportunity for open communication with me. Many members of our team chose to respond and have more in-depth conversations about issues and feelings. Marvin is right. It was a mistake to use the word “every”. Particularly at this time, words are important, and I’m sorry.

“Once again, I am grateful for the opportunity that I was given to seal to our team ore in-depth as a result of Marvin being willing to express his feelings. We will continue to communicate and work together to be part of the solution making our world a better place for ALL.”

It would appear all is well in Tallahassee for now but Norvell is still going to have to work hard to gain the trust of his players which he clearly doesn’t completely have at this point in his tenure with the Seminoles.