The Big Ten appears to be in line to get a record-shattering TV rights deal and if NBC has its way that would include Saturday night presentation similar to the NFL’s “Sunday Night Football.”

Michael McCarthy and Amanda Christovich of Front Office Sports reports that NBC is floating an idea that would have the Big Ten on FOX, CBS and NBC throughout the day in succession.

“The Big Ten would have exposure in every TV home,” said one source. “It would also be a smart idea to follow the model of the most successful sports league in America.”

It is assumed NBC would want to keep exclusive rights for Notre Dame home football games. It’s been reported that the school is asking for $75 million annually for the TV rights.

The Big Ten’s media rights expire after the 2023 season. USC and UCLA are expected to join the conference before the start of the 2024 season. The Big Ten currently makes $440 million annually and are looking for a deal for more than $1 billion annually with its new deal. The SEC has a $300 million annual deal with Disney (ESPN/ABC) starting in 2024.