The Big Ten officially canceled its fall college football season on Tuesday and announced it will shoot for a spring season after further evaluation.

How realistic it is to move college football to the spring remains to be seen but there are many that doubt a move to the spring would be any more manageable than playing in the fall.

Based on comments from Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren and Ohio State AD Gene Smith following the news, it’s clear the league did not have a consensus vote to cancel the fall season.

While Ohio State was hoping for a postponement to the season, Nebraska issued a much stronger statement following the news.

In addition to announcing their disappointment with the decision, Nebraska’s statement notes the Cornhuskers “have been and continue to be ready to play.”

This statement comes after similar comments were made publicly by Scott Frost, noting his team will explore other options if the Big Ten canceled its fall season.

Here is the full statement from Nebraska following the new from the Big Ten: