The NCAA is instituting new rules heading into the 2022 season.

The list of rules, via the Associated Press, is available below:

  • Players ejected in the second halves of games for targeting might not be suspended for the first half of the next game, depending on the results of an appeal.
  • Schools and conferences can report the potential faking of injuries to the national coordinator of officials, which could lead to penalties for the school involved.
  • Only linemen and stationary backs inside the tackle box can block below the waist.
  • Ball-carriers who simulate a feet-first slide, like then-Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett famously did in the ACC Championship Game, will be ruled down at the spot.
  • Defensive holding is an automatic first down in addition to the 10-yard penalty.
  • Replay officials can adjust the clock if a ruling is overturned with less than two minutes remaining in the game or first half.
  • Illegal touching by an ineligible player is a loss of down in addition to the five-yard penalty.

Some changes that college football fans will find especially intriguing are those to targeting and those concerning fake injuries to stop the clock, which were used to slow tempo or create unfair advantages especially last season.