It’s a popular bit seen at sports stadiums across the country — making fun of fans of the opposing team.

On Saturday, that type of segment took place at North Carolina during the Tar Heels’ matchup against in-state rival Clemson. Because the Tigers are one of the top programs in the country — and among the more popular — the UNC scoreboard operator showed Clemson fans on the big screen alongside captions poking fun at them.

These captions included “thinks that Clemson is in Georgia,” “can’t name Clemson’s last head coach,” and “also a Patriots fan,” among others.

However, not everybody thought these jokes were funny, and some complaints were sent to North Carolina athletic director Bubba Cunningham, who later apolgized.

“We want everyone who comes to Chapel Hill to have a positive experience on our campus – whether they are our supporters or our opponents’ fans, first-time visitors or long-time guests,” Cunningham said, according to Manie Robinson of The Greenville News. “The video board spot featuring Clemson fans on Saturday was not in that spirit.

“We regret that it was produced…We addressed the inappropriateness of the spot with the responsible staff members immediately after it was shown, and we will continue to address this week the breakdown in process that led to it.”

Clemson fans couldn’t be too upset with the day, however, as the Tigers held on late for a 21-20 win over North Carolina when the Tar Heels failed on a two-point conversion attempt that would have given them the lead.