Ohio State fans are trying to send a message to ESPN and “College GameDay” with a boycott on Saturday morning as they prepare to take on Penn State. The message? The network is biased toward the SEC, and instead, fans will support FOX Sports’ pregame show “Big Noon Kickoff,” at Ohio State.

There’s also the Big Ten Network’s “BTN Tailgate” on campus.

“The choice is clear,” according to one tweet. “You can be one place at one time. Support the network that supports you and your conference, or the one that bashes you and has a proven bias towards the SEC.”

There’s also the chance to stop by and see former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, who is an analyst on FOX Sports.

When ESPN announced it would come to Columbus, Ohio, Buckeyes fans jumped on the chance to call out the perceived bias with tweets like, “I figured you’d be at the Bama Western Carolina game but I’ll be happy to walk by you on the way to the Fox pregame.”

There was also this kind of statement: “Seriously…@OhioStateFB fans should make a concerted effort to just stay away from espn game day. After everything they pulled last year And the blatant SEC bias. espn should just stay home.”

Some of it stems from the Zach Smith fallout, while others tie it to the SEC having a leg-up on chances to have a favorable part of the College Football Playoff rankings.