Ohio State failed to sign a top 10 recruiting class last recruiting cycle for the first time since 2010. Some of that can likely be attributed to the coaching change in Columbus from Urban Meyer to Ryan Day but now we know there may have been some behind-the-scenes reasons for the decline in the program’s recruiting.

Ohio State recently self-reported 16 violations involving the football program that occurred from May 1, 2017, to May 22, 2019. This information was first reported by Eleven Warriors.

Here are the violations Ohio State self-reported to the NCAA during that time:

  • Impermissible text messages
  • Impermissible phone calls
  • Impermissible promotion
  • Preferential treatment
  • An assistant recruited prior to passing recruiting exam
  • Student-athlete reinstatement
  • Impermissible publicity
  • Promotion using student-athlete image
  • Impermissible publicity and inducement
  • An impermissible tweet
  • Impermissible electronic correspondence
  • Impermissible text messages
  • Use of image/name/likeness
  • Use of outside consultant
  • Big Ten tender filing deadline missed
  • Financial aid overage

Following these violations, various members of the Ohio State coaching staff were not permitted to recruit in December and January. The NCAA then decided to push those limitations to February for the entire coaching staff from Feb. 6 – Feb. 18 of 2019.

You can read the full report on the self-reported violations over at Eleven Warriors.