Oregon, the No. 25 team in the country, cruised to a 41-20 victory over No. 12 BYU in Eugene on Saturday afternoon.

However, the victory was marred by anti-Mormon chants from the Ducks’ student section during the game.

As you can see below, videos surfaced of Oregon fans chanting “F— the Mormons” during the game against the Cougars:

Utah governor Spencer Cox called out the chants as “religious bigotry” against BYU’s largely Mormon fan base:

After the game, Oregon’s “Pit Crew” student section took to Twitter to condemn the actions of those who chanted, saying it was “ashamed” of those who participated in the anti-Mormon jeering:

We’ll see if any official apology is issued through the university or if BYU has any response to the vulgar chants.