Three days after Chris Fowler suggested Clemson coach Dabo Swinney needs to settle down with the no respect talk in relation to the College Football Playoff, ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum has come out with a strong response.

This is in reaction to Swinney’s comments after a rout of South Carolina.

“It’s huge from a national standpoint, because if we lose this game, they’re going to kick us out,” Swinney said of the CFP. “They don’t want us in there anyway.”

He added, “We’d drop to 20,” Swinney said. “If Georgia loses to this very same team, the very next day, it’s how do we keep Georgia in it. We win to the team that beat South Carolina and it’s how do we get Clemson out. It’s the dadgumest thing. It’s big, because they can’t vote us out. We got to go 30-0, we ain’t got no choice,” Swinney said. “We don’t play nobody. “It’s big from a national standpoint, but it’s huge for this state. It’s huge for our program and yeah, we lost 5 in a row, and a big part of that, we were 15 turnovers to their 3 in that five-game stretch … you get your butt beat. We’ve turned that around.”

After Fowler said, “You’re undefeated. You’re ranked third. No one is trying to keep Clemson out of the playoff,” Finebaum on Tuesday morning on ESPN’s “Get Up” had stronger language.

“I think Dabo Swinney is the most annoying winner in all of sports,” Finebaum said. “The guy just can’t keep his trap shut. Somebody just give the man a pacifier, send him to timeout and we’ll check in with him on Dec. 28 when he finally plays a legitimate team during this entire college football season.”